Six Foundational Pillars

of Redemption Song U.S.A.

1. Religious Freedom: 

Working to uphold and expand the National promise of religious freedom, and the unfettered right of the individual to pursue the faith of the Almighty. 


2. Quality Education for All:

Supporting individuals and causes that prioritize educational excellence and the pursuit of creativity , innovation, wisdom and knowledge. The nation's educational achievement will determine the nation’s economic, social, and spiritual prosperity. Therefore we pledge our unwavering support for keeping the promise of equal access to the opportunity to obtain a quality education for all American citizens.

3. National Peace and Security:

We are established to fight for the promise of national peace and security. We believe that without peace and security, a nation will not be able to sustain progress in any area of substance. We support the idea of a strong national defense and defined borders, We also believe that a social, cultural and spiritual defense strategy is just as important as a physical military defense plan. 

4. Quality Standard of living for all:

A stable and sustainable national economy requires endless innovation, value creation, prudent management, and a stable currency. We will commit ourselves to working to preserve the American promise of access to a quality standard of living for all. Furthermore, we will work to create sustainable solutions for resolving the myriad of crises created as a result of America’s Broken promises to her African-American and Native American citizens.  And we will encourage the writing of a new American contract for the descendants of both of these disenfranchised people groups. 

5, Clean and sustainable environment:

We unequivocally believe in a national goal towards creating a clean and sustainable environment. However, we also believe that all sources of energy including natural gas, coal, petroleum, and electric should be exploited in order to ensure a reasonably priced and abundant energy supply. We believe that there is a balance that can be struck which will make it possible to have relatively clean air and a diverse and robust energy supply chain. This balance can be achieved through relentless innovation, research, and technology. There is a way to acknowledge the existence of global warming and climate change without compromising the nation’s commitment to the promise of access and utilization of her bountiful natural resources.

6.Ministry of art and culture:

Redemption Song U.S.A pledges to pursue the goal of influencing the creation of America’s first cabinet level ministry of art and culture. America is one of the only developed nations without such a ministry. We believe that a ministry of art and culture that is placed in the office of the president of the United States will assist the nation's chief executive by providing guidance that will ensure the maintenance, and conservation of our rich, diverse cultural and artistic heritage. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to enter the political arena of ideas with sound and God-inspired wisdom, knowledge and understanding and to shine the glorious gift of light into dark spaces.

"And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform." Romans 4:21 KJV